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Yes, this is a new blog engine that I am taking for a test drive.  I tried for a few weeks but found just too many things that were causing problems and very little support for the problems I was having.  BE is currently at version 1.4.   I really like the ‘templating’ features of that engine and there are quite a few extensions already developed.  I think BE will grow to be very mature product but at this time just too many problems.

I really wanted a stable blog engine at this point.  Subtext setup was very easy and so far has been rock solid.  Good job with this.


My old blog at still lives for the time being as I make the transition.  Spaces is a great product but the time was right to get my blog back on my domain.  I have been using Spaces for 2.5 years and so I have many posts still on that engine.

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