SharePoint Method–Return SPList (or Create a new one)

Method that returns an existing SPList on a SharePoint web (based on list name) or create a new one if not found.

public static SPList EnsureList(SPWeb site, string listName, SPListTemplateType template, bool onQuickLaunch) {
    SPList list = null;
    Guid listID = Guid.Empty;
    if (site != null) {
        foreach (SPList item in site.Lists) {
            if (item.Title.ToLower() == listName.ToLower()) {
                list = item;
                listID = item.ID;

        if (list == null) {
            listID = site.Lists.Add(listName,"", template);
            list = site.Lists[listID];
            list.OnQuickLaunch = onQuickLaunch;
    } else {
        throw new Exception("In EnsureSiteDataList SPWeb is null");
    return list;

Cool eh?



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