SQL Templates (in SQL Server Management Studio)

Credit goes to the Cincinnati SQL Server User’s Group/Phil Japikse for the following tip.  Two things of interest in this post.  Ability to create Sql Templates within SQL Server Management Studio and SQL to find objects named like ‘%here%’ across all objects in a database.

USE <databasename,string,@p1>
FROM sys.sql_modules
WHERE definition like '%<string_to_find,string,@p2>%'

Now that you have the SQL it is possible to create a SQL Template (View – SQL Templates) whereby you can simply select and push Ctrl-Shift-M for variable substitution.  Within the Template Window create a new folder to store your custom templates, create a new template, paste the above SQL and Save.  To use simply click on the template and Ctrl-Shift-M to be prompted for the variables and values.

Great stuff.  Thanks guys for the tip.



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