Visual Studio 2015–Installing Remote Agent on a Mac


Why….you need to install Remote Agent on a Mac in order to build/deploy Visual Studio Apps that are targeted to the IOS environment.

  • Install Node on a Mac (see prior post)
  • To download and install remote agent, from a Terminal app on Mac type
    • sudo npm install –g npm
    • sudo npm install –g remotebuild
    • sudo npm install –g ios –sim@3.1.1



The first command updates npm, the second command installs the remote agent, and the third command is only required if you will be using the iOS Simulator from Visual Studio. Reference


  • To start the remote agent, from the Terminal app on your Mac type: remotebuild
    • this will start the agent with the default build directory ~/.taco_home/remote_builds/taco-remote/builds
    • additional configurations/options for the agent are described Configure the remote agent
  • The first time you start the agent, you will be provided with the required information to configure the agent in Visual Studio, including the host, the port, and the security PIN.
  • In fact, the first time I ran remotebuild, it asked me about installing Homebrew – I said continue, then I got a notification that Homebrew is already installed, I re-ran this time saying I didn’t want to continue with the install for Homebrew



  • For some reason, I did not get a security PIN for my Visual Studio configuration.  At this point, I ran the remotebuild –secure false (this will disable secure mode and enable http-based connections, choosing False as the Secure mode.


  • Stopping the agent on the mac, Ctrl+C
  • Running my first IOS Cordova application (from Visual Studio 2015)

   image image


  • While this worked, I wanted to revisit the issue about my missing Security PIN
    • To generate a new security PIN, type remotebuild generateClientCert
    • Doing this I was able to get my Security PIN, enter it within Visual Studio and all things





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