Visual Studio 2017–IOS Build Debug Error



Ok, I got my Visual Studio Android emulator working, see prior blog post.  Now focusing on IOS debug-run with a connected Mac.  I got the following error..


Severity    Code    Description    Project    File    Line    Suppression State
Error        Could not copy the assembly '/Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework/Versions/' to '/Users/davidyardy/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/App1.iOS/820c43b5a93f812c648bedcbb5cd7ad5/bin/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/': Access to the path "/Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework/Versions/" or "/Users/davidyardy/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/App1.iOS/820c43b5a93f812c648bedcbb5cd7ad5/bin/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/" is denied.    App1.iOS           


I made sure that my Mac Agent was connected and all seemed good there.  I opened the with Xamarin Studio (on the Mac) and had the exact same error.  Ok so this error is not isolated to only Visual Studio (or worse yet just 2017).  I now have the problem on both Mac and Windows.  This could be related to the beta release/channel of Xamarin.

Ok, so the resolution was found with this bug/resolution posted here

The full workaround is:

> sudo chmod 0644 /Library/Frameworks/Xamarin.iOS.framework/Versions/Current/lib/mono/*/*.mdb



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